We provide Total Solution of Interactive Digital System to Properties, Commercial Buildings, Shopping Malls and Hotels, etc.

Highly increase the image and integrated management.

The brilliant Interactive Digital Directory – eDirectory.

It is the best application of Shopping Mall. It’s a good partner of a shopping mall among providing service.

And our Total Solution of eDirectory includes:

1)       Hardware: Interactive Digital Signage (IDS) Kiosk Design and Manufacturing

-  We design every type, material and different kiosk feature by our professional designer.

-  And manufacture and install the system and devices by our engineers.

2)       Software: Interactive eDirectory Software Graphic Design and Program Development.

-  Based on Clients’ requests, our Software Graphic Designer and program engineer will design and produce a user friendly, specialize and amazing eDirectory

3)       Overall Arrangement:

-  Documentation preparation.

-  Installation Work program.

-  Project schedule update.

-  Clients’ Interfacing and comments.

4)       Implementation: provide Installation of IDS Kiosk and Power/Network Cabling services.

5)       eDirectory software program contents generally includes the

-  Shops searching:

Easily search shops by shop categories, floor and name. And a brilliant way finding path will be shown on the screen for guiding the way.

- F & B searching:

Same as shops searching, a brilliant way finding path will be shown on the screen for guiding the way to F&B.

- Shops’ Offer

Cooperate with shops, list out the Shops’ special offers to make attraction of customers.

- Shopping Mall Promotion

Interactive posters show on the screen to clearly describe the promotion details.

- Parking Offer

Clearly show the parking details/offers of shopping mall, eg: price of weekdays, parking terms.

- Nearby attractions:

Introduce the nearby attractions, transportations and hotels etc.

- Cinema of Shopping Mall

Show Films posters of those films are On Show and Coming Soon.

- Facilities of Shopping Mall

Show the facilities of shopping mall in detail, eg: Toilets, BB Care Room, ATM machines, etc.