iStandee – Interactive Standee


iStandee-New Town Plaza


iStandee-Citywalk II

An update version of eStandee, it is with Interactive function for showing Posters, videos, and information displays.

It’s a brilliant tool for replacing the traditional Notice/Posters Stands.


-          Customers/Visitors can choose directly and select the Information that they prefer.

-          Digital Display.

-          Much more attractive.

-          Clearly with content showing.

-          Compatible for Videos/Advertisement.

-          Save expense among the traditional Notice board and Stand replacement.

-          Easy for updating


-          Aluminum / Metal Casing

-          42” Full HD LED/LCD Display

-          IR Touch Kit (Dual Touch)

-          Portable with wheels.

-          Tempered Glass protection.

-          Embedded with professional Mini PC

Display Platform:

Touchpro Interactive Digital Program under Windor OS (Win 7)